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D10 - Crack the code – Possibilities and limits of integrating mobile phones into playbus activities

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Arnfried Böker, Landesstelle Kinder- und Jugendschutz Sachsen-Anhalt e.V., Magdeburg
Thursday 2010-09-30, 2pm - 6pm, Participants: open

When children come to a playbus activity, they often have their mobile phones with them. This can be quite disturbing sometimes. On the other hand, it is really fascinating how intensively they use their mobile phones. In this workshop, we will have a look at various games that focus on the use of mobile phones, e.g. for QR-codes (quick response codes). The workshop includes an introduction to mobile adaptations of well known toys. Throwing spiders at flying mobiles, or bringing a mobile-phone-fountain alive are not exactly everyday games. Digital playing is being mixed with analogue playing. The game `level your way through´ implements a fictitious mobile phone game in a live setting and thereby makes the fascination of electronic games visible for reflection. Mobile social work can use such games activities to promote social learning and media competence.

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