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Playing and learning. Challenges for play busses and all-day schools

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Speech: Jun.Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Mack, Pädagogische Hochschule Ludwigsburg
Friday 2010-10-01, morning

What do children and youth need in order to learn and to educate themselves? What can and must schools, especially all-day schools, offer to children and youth in this respect? The further expansion of all-day schools in Germany creates new challenges for schools that want to meet these challenges and offer learning environments which promote the development of their students. Also institutions and professionals in Children and Youth Work are facing new challenges. How can they reach children and youth with their offers? How can they support their abilities, balance out disadvantages and facilitate a comprehensive approach to education.

This context raises questions about the relation of play busses and all-day schools. What new possibilities are created by cooperation of play busses and all-day schools? What problems could emerge from such cooperation? How can play busses make their own contribution to the formation of children and youth, and to the compensation of disadvantages? How can play busses give impulses to the shaping of the social surroundings of children and youth? In my presentation, I will discuss these questions and outline perspectives for cooperation between play busses and all-day schools.

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