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D07 and F07 - Digital scavenger hunt – A game with Geocaches

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Gerhard Knecht, München
Thursday 2010-09-30 und Friday 2010-10-01, 2pm - 6pm, Participants: 16
Please note that this workshop will cover two days!

Geocaching is a relatively new and playful way of exploring your surroundings. The first `Caches´ were hidden in the year 2000. With the use of GPS and some coordinates, players have to find a `Cache´, i.e. a secret lair. Geocaching breathes fresh air into outdoor rallies, the more traditional way of exploring your surroundings. With Geocaching kids learn how to use maps, plans, and GPS. They explore and discover interesting spots in a part of town and as a group they develop search games. For this, they must find good spots and create riddles to be solved by other kids in their age group.
In our workshop, we will create and try out search games for our professional practise.

Contents of the workshop:

  • Learn how to create search games and rallies
  • Introduction to professional Geocaching and Geocaching with kids
  • Develop your own search games with GPS for children and parents
  • Transfer to your professional practise

The first day of the workshop will be about using Geocaches for pedagogical purposes. On the second day, we will place our own Geocache for the games festival in Essen.

Prior technical knowledge is not required.

Gerhard Knecht
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