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F02 - The art of performing with fire as pedagogical medium

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Michael Kreiker, Feuerpädagogik e.V., Dortmund
Friday 2010-10-01, 2pm - 6pm, Participants: 5-15

"There is no risk-free contact with fire, only a responsible one"

Today most of us don´t have a relationship to fire as a pure and original element anymore. Often, we don´t even recognize the impact of fire-utilization. Due to the lack of contact with fire, we loose the skills of how to deal with fire.

The pedagogical use of fire breaks the taboos of playing with fire and thus reinforces the skills of handling it. Fire is an element which fascinates and at the same time can promote learning processes and soft-skills.

Through the use of the well-known arts of fire-spitting and fire-eating, playing with firepoi and firestaff, as well as further fire disciplines, we might be able to face our fears better and to transfer these experiences into our daily routine. To the one who is capable to restrain fire, nothing much will bar the way.

The presentation will introduce you the "Prometheus Project", a project from and with teenagers from Dortmund. Within three months, they created a fire-related play and performed it several times in public.

Additionally the participants will have the possibility to gather first experiences in various fire-technical disciplines, to become sensitised for the dangers and risks of playing with fire, and to learn about pedagogical learning techniques.

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