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F08 - Playing space in the course of times

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Toni Anderfuhren, Spielträumer, Bauma (CH)
Workshop cancelled

At a good playground, each child is being accompanied by an average of 1.6 adults today. This hasn´t always been like that! How much room to play offers a free space? How free is and was playing in the spaces of everyday life, on playgrounds, or within the framework of mobile play offers. What has changed since our childhood? What values resist complaints about noise and anxieties of danger? Where have the real good experiences and adventures gone?

Playgrounds have remained this free space with climbing tower and slide. How have playgrounds changed over the last fifty years? And what has happened to all the free spaces that we were able to use adult-free when we were young? Has our pedagogical responsibility made us blind for them?
This workshop invites you to do archaeological excavations in your childhood memories. We will try to find themes and to uncover their patterns. We will compare our findings with today´s cultures and examine their values in a playful way.

In his presentation, the game dreamer will draw your attention to playful qualities beyond the sandbox. He will also moderate the joint efforts to examine these important changes in the living space of children.

Toni Anderfuhren, Spielträumer Bis weit ins letzte Jahrhundert hinein hat das Thema Spielplatz kaum (...) noch nie war die Jugend so auffällig wie heute ... Spielerische Erziehung durch Design stärkt für den Alltag 2010. Mit Vollgas Kind sein dürfen - ohne Abenteuer gehts auch heute (...)
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