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F12 - Developing the Playbus Award – Criteria for 2013

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Jörg Rad, Heidelberg
Workshop cancelled

The fourth Playbus Innovation Award 2013 of BAG-Spielmobile (Federal Playbus Association) will be offered for contributions to `Co-Construction´. As a pedagogical approach, `Co-Construction´ means learning in collaboration, i.e. learning is co-constructed by professional pedagogues and children. Upon request of the members of BAG-Spielmobile, we will develop in this workshop the criteria for the tendering of the award. For this, we will tackle the seemingly abstract concept of `Co-Construction´ and transfer it to the world of playbusses. Then we will define the criteria for participation in the competition.

Jörg Rad Verleihung des ersten Spielmobilpreises 2007
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