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Playbus – Playing Moves!

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Speech Professor Dr. Bruno W. Nikles, Universität Dusiburg-Essen
Thursday 2010-09-30 morning

If you enter the terms `game´ or `play´ in various online search engines, you will be taken to a new world of games. `Tetris´ has made its way to our mobile phones, `Counter Striker´ dominates the debate about chances and risks of electronic games. The current technical trends, which allow us to sink electronically into a reality-based `Second Life´, cannot conceal the fact that the world of games offers a fascinating range of possibilities. Through modern media, this range has only been extended.

In contrast to the new games industry, the playbusses that come from Germany and neighbouring European countries to the 39th International Playbus Convention stand for the old, hand-made games: toys with great emphasis on design and quality, the conquering of places that would normally not be for playing, the implementation of rules of the game in direct interpersonal communication, all of this in connection with physical exercise.

Not only the vehicle that brings toys to a variety of places is mobile. As an original form of human action, playing itself is mobilizing: it promotes our mental flexibility and concentration, it feeds our imagination, it involves physical exercise and contributes to the development of social skills. In short, playing moves and is a vital part of the dynamics of human life. In this respect, playbusses are symbols of playing, a symbol of a playful conquest of living spaces.

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