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D14 - Not only a Parachute : Boardgames in a mobile toy library

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Giovanni Lumini, Firenze (I)
Thursday 2010-09-30, 2pm - 6pm, Participants: 12
Workshop cancelled

Childhood is changed but the importance and meaning of own play room is always strong.
There are many ways to act with playbus, as we know. But when the aim is to serve small
communities, villages e.g. in a mountain territory, it’s very functional to transform also a little
van (and not a 12 m too big coach) in a travelling Toy Library, a sort of little mobile play room.

A place where you can get together and:

  • GET ONTO the Playbus
  • WALK ON the Playbus floor
  • SIT ON the Playbus benches and little
  • DISCOVER secret places on th Playbus
  • OPEN the Playbus cabinets and
    fornitures to CHOOSE the games
  • TAKE the books to read on Playbus
  • TIDY UP the Playbus as a room

Knowing the correct place of each game to get it and putting it back in its place, expecially
give to the child the feeling that Playbus is not only an activity but a part of him.

In this context, boardgames have a central position.
In this workshop the participants will be welcome on board, and become a group of players on
playbus, to see how is organized and how is possible to work with boardgames, almost

Many suitable new boardgames and card games will be experimented by the participants to
know which of them are more useful for this kind of work.

Toy Library playbus means:

  • an extensible external play room for children
  • a moment of aggregation for children, teen-agers, adults and elderly
  • a way to permit and favour autonomy and independence in games arrangement
  • a catalyst for the community --- > everyone in a little village gets in the street to visit
    the Playbus
  • a “joint venture” with Public Administration and an opportunity for it to collect,
    acknowledge and satisfy requests and needs on a social level

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