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D15 - Wortspiele - Erfahrungen aus einem Spielbusprojekt gegen Analphabetismus in Brasilien

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Nicola Suman, Verona (I)
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The workshop intends to share the idea of a Spielmobil involved in an International Cooperation Project, like the “Progetto Brasile – Parole in Gioco” actually runned in the North-east of Brasil, by the Associazione RidoRidò (for more information on the project, see our website: - progetto Brasile 2010-2011).

The Ludobus in the “Progetto Brasile – Parole in Gioco” is the “vehicle” for an educative action against illiteracy, and it aims to reach children living in rural áreas, which often have real difficulties in reading and writing, due to very poor school attendance.

The workshop will give the participants the opportunity to experience parto of the pedagogic training developed by the educators of the Ludobus RidoRidò in order to involve the teachers and the pupils met through the Ludobus in Brasil. The pedagogic object is to propose to the teachers different teaching knowledge and to stimolate dialoge and participation, inspired by the pedagogic of Paulo Freire

Workshop Tutor: Nicola Suman, clown and educator in the Ludobus Ridoridò, president of the Associazione Culturale RidoRidò (Verona – Italia) –

Languages of the workshop: Italian and English + basic German

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